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I enjoy reading. Itís even on my C.V.: Hobbies: reading.

Who doesnít like reading? If you say ďno!Ē I am guessing that you are a liar. What if itís a lottery ticket telling you that youíve won millions of dollars? Youíll like reading then. Even people who donít like reading end up reading some stuff like ĎStopí signs and menusÖ except those of us who are blind (I plan to put this book in Braille so thereís hope) and illiterate people (maybe friends can read this to them or it can be made into a television series, right?). Hmm. Next paragraph.

When I am in between books, I get frustrated sometimes. What should I read next? My boyfriend says that I am only happy when I am reading a good book. So you can imagine what I might be like when Iím not. Grr. 

So I decided to put together a collection of passing thoughts. Stuff to read when youíre in between books. Just long enough that you can read it in a car without getting carsick. Something to glance at on your way to work without missing your train station.

11 years later, this is the collection of all the stories that I have written. It is thanks to the encouragement of my friends that I plucked up the courage to put them together into one volume. Thank you!!!

I wrote these stories while writing my thesis and working full-time, travelling extensively, being in and out of relationships and across many countries where I lived and/or worked: Australia, China, France, England, Mexico, Peru, U.S.A, Thailand, to name a few.

Writing kept me sane during some very busy and lonely times in my life. Thereís something soothing about a good word, a funny expression or an interesting observation. Iím reminded that despite the chaos, thereís meaning in there sometimes. Even if you only glance at it in the form of a passing thought between bus stops.

I hope that you enjoy them.

Richard Cannane

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03. Mai 2013